Netflix over HughesNet ? Don’t count on it!

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Why would HughesNet promote streaming video when that’s the last thing they want their customers doing, and when it’s something that their system cannot properly support?  Oh ya…  SALES!

While I am finding that most of the customers that we contact for installation of their HughesNet Satellite Internet System have been told the truth about what to expect with the service, there are still far too many people out there that are being mislead about the capabilities of HughesNet!  Some are being told that it will work fine with Netflix and other streaming video services, and some even say they’ve been told that it is better and faster than their existing DSL!

Well… you tell me!  According to Netflix, their high-definition movies use around 3600mb for a 2 hour movie, while their standard-definiation movies average around 500 – 700 megabytes each!  Even an 30 minute standard-definition TV show over Netflix uses around 400mb.  Well… current HughesNet monthly service plans only allow between 200mb and 500mb PER DAY for downloading!  So, even if you pay HughesNet $119.99 per month, you will only get 500mb per day of downloading before you violate your FAP and are slowed to dial-up speeds for the next day or so!  So, as you can tell, it’s probably not a good idea to count on using Netflix over a HughesNet system! And we won’t even mention the times your movie will pause for a minute or two to “buffer” the movie! (i.e. catch up on the download).

Why do they advertise being a “high speed” network?  Well they are if you compare them to dial-up?  Why would they tell you it works with Netflix?  Well it does if you pay them $120 plus a month and only watch a 30-minute SD TV show a day, but as you can see it’s just not very feasible to do so!

And now about the DSL comparison!  Most DSL connections in the U.S. offer speeds of around 2.5mb up and 2.5mb down!  The advertised “maximum” speeds on the HughesNet’s “Pro” Plan @ $69.99 per month is 1.2mb down and 200k up which is realistically more like 900k or so down and around 160k up.  DSL usually doesn’t have a cap or Fair Access Policy or Limit on what you can download like HughesNet does either!   And, DSL doesn’t have the latency (delay) that HughesNet has either which is what makes HughesNet a poor choice for online gaming, day trading, VOIP, VPN and any other “bandwidth intense” applications!  So, unless your DSL is performing like dial-up…  you probably aren’t going to be happy with HughesNet!

So before you get all excited when you hear “High Speed Internet” in a HughesNet commercial, you are probably going to want to make sure you can’t get DSL or Cable Internet or even Wireless Point-to-Point service at your location because HughesNet is and always has been simply a “better option to dial-up” and only a “better option to dial-up!”  It cannot currently compete with DSL, Cable Internet or Wireless Point-to-Point… or 3G for that matter… not yet anyway!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing HughesNet, because it is a wonderful choice for remote areas where DSL, Cable Internet and other options are not available!  The problem is that some over-anxious sales people seem to stretch the truth a bit to make a sale every now and then!

As I’ve always said, don’t buy from “someone, somewhere!”  Find local dealers of the products and services you are looking into because at least then you can hold them accountable for what they tell you and sell you, unlike some call center sales person from across the country that goes by “Sales ID 19730” or something!

Happy surfin’!

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One Response to Netflix over HughesNet ? Don’t count on it!

  1. Connie says:

    we have HughsNet and your comments are RIGHT ON!

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